The New 2024 High Quality Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch Replica Watches UK Taps Into 2024’s Biggest Watch Trend

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Given how significant the green AAA replica watches trend has been in 2024, it was only a matter of time before the MoonSwatch found a way in. From TAG Heuer, Vacheron Constantin, Zenith and Tudor to Breitling, Cartier and Moser, everyone’s been in on the act so it’s no surprise Swatch and Omega have done too.

Ever since the OGs dropped, the design inspiration for each MoonSwatch fake watches for sale in the collection has been the planets or stars they are named after. Mars is red, Uranus is ice baby blue, the Sun is yellow, and the original Mission to Earth was blue and green – the only colours Buzz Aldrin, Charlie Duke, Alan Shepard and other astronauts who’ve been to space will have seen as they gazed back at earth on their trips to the moon. Revisiting Earth this time, Swatch and UK cheap Omega copy watches have decided to be more specific, honing in on Lava (red), the Desert (beige), and our personal favourite, Polar Lights (turquoise green).

The Mission to Earth Polar Lights is by far the most striking of the new top replica watches, with turquoise the predominant case colour and the blue dial littered with star-like sparkly flakes. And the stars align differently on each perfect super clone watches making them all unique. Unlike with the original Mission to Earth, the green is a lot punchier and ventures further that the case, crown and pushers, on to the hour, minute and second-hands as well as the subdials hands too.

The Mission to Earth Lava meanwhile is the first red version since the popular Mission to Mars, and just like that piece, has a special nod to the iconic Swiss movements replica Omega Speedmaster Alaska II watches. The orange chronograph hand on the Lava is a reference to the 1968 Speedy ‘Ultraman’ model.

And as we’ve become accustomed to with all MoonSwatches, the Mission to Earth Desert fake watches shop is made from Swatch’s light and very wearable (durable too) bioceramic. This one colour matches its case and hands in an unsurprisingly sandy beige, a slightly darker version of the Mission to Jupiter.

The new MoonSwatch Mission to Earth replica watches wholesale will be available from June 15, only from Swatch stores as per usual – why change a winning formula, right? – so like us, if you have an eye for green, you’ll have to get in line.

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