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Using precious stone as a material for cheap replica watches dials is a relatively new concept in watchmaking, dating back to Piaget’s first range in 1963. Presented in lavish, feminine cases with set gemstones and elaborate bracelets, these slabs of lapis lazuli, opal, malachite, tiger’s eye, and more were an absolutely dazzling display. Before long, one ended up on the wrist of Jackie Kennedy.

Replica Omega Constellation Aventurine 29MM Watches

Although most aventurine dials used in watchmaking are glass-based, that process is actually inspired by natural aventurine which is a rare form of quartz. Capturing genuine ‘aventurescence’, the high quality UK fake Omega Constellation Aventurine 29mm watches is one of the few watch collections to use the natural form. The blue Swiss made copy watches is incredibly dynamic, with dark bands subtly running through the colouring and a mysterious texture that almost looks like TV static. The Constellation styling is perfect for this dial as well, with classical elegance and just the right amount of quirkiness. Price: US$14,800

Fake Rolex Day-Date 36 Carnelian Watches

Earlier this year, Rolex harkened back to the 1970s by introducing a range of precious stone dials to the AAA top replica Rolex Day-Date 36 watches. Carnelian is not one of the most exciting stones on its own, but here it’s been given a chance to shine glamorously. Appearing like a gradient of orange, brown and red, the soft bands almost evoke a sandstorm scene out of Dune. The yellow gold case supports the warmth of the carnelian without making it overbearing, and diamond-set Roman numerals supply it with that carefree luxury swagger we all associate with 1970s Rolex super clone watches for sale. Price: US$58,700

Omega Speedmaster Calibre 321 Platinum Replica Watches

The luxury fake Omega Speedmaster Calibre 321 watches is an awe-inspiring recreation of that most famous watch worn on the moon, yet Omega didn’t stop with just a simple reissue. This reference has a case hewn from platinum, but its most obvious signal of distinctiveness are the sections of lunar meteorite used for the three subdials. As well as the meteorite, the glossy black dial is made from polished onyx with a deep piano-black lustre, perhaps making this Swiss movements replica watches the ultimate stealth wealth Speedmaster. Price: US$59,400