Hysek Replica Watches Anatomy of an Abyss-al decade

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Swiss Replica Watches — The Abyss by Hysek is rounding off its first decade. An analytical look at a finely controlled trajectory for a collection that has carved out a place of its own without ever betraying its essence.


Ten years is a very short period for a collection to make its mark on the watchmaking scene. But when the brand carrying this collection is less than 20 years old, it is a truly impressive performance – especially if the firm is 100% independent and entirely undisturbed by any group-related pressures. So what precepts has it followed in order to accomplish this?


The 10th anniversary collection unveiled in 2015. © Hysek Replica Watches

Thou shalt not seek a consensus
First and foremost, there are no signs of any quest for consensus. The Abyss asserted itself right from the start as an uncompromising expression of horology far removed from established conventions. Its case stretches a generous 44 or 47 mm wide, depending on the version: take it or leave it.

Likewise, there is no sign of any traditional hours and minutes track over which the hands glide in closely aligned order: the Abyss propels the gaze from 1 to 5 and from 7 to 11. These four numerals are a pillar of the brand identity that it has consistently upheld – even though at the time of their introduction they were slightly disorientating from a purely orthodox horological perspective.


The first generation of the Abyss in 2005. © Hysek

Thou shalt find thine own path
Above and beyond bold aesthetic options, the Abyss has also developed its own distinctive character traits. The most easily identifiable of them lies neither inside the cheap UK replica watches nor in its case, but instead in the pivoting lugs securing the strap. They are not revolutionary: another watchmaker uses ‘floating lugs’ that achieve the same result. Nonetheless, the technical procedures involved are different and the one adopted by Hysek has few and possibly no exact current equivalent. The brand has never departed from this feature – even on ladies’ models – and this characteristic has strongly contributed to imprinting the Abyss firmly on the public consciousness.


The pivoting lugs developed by Hysek. © Hysek

Another decisive choice has been never to incorporate more than two complications in one model, which might seem surprising for such a technical and creative Manufacture as Hysek. Since 2007, its Haute Horlogerie ambitions are expressed through models featuring a tourbillon and a chronograph, one with jumping hours and a central tourbillon, a double skeleton tourbillon, or another with tourbillon and large date display.

The Abyss focuses essentially on the chronograph/date combo, while also exploring other less well common pairings such as dual time/large date; power reserve/large date. The spirit remains unchanged: the Abyss stands for a powerful design, complications that are useful in daily life, along with taut lines and a sturdy case. A quintessential model that cuts to the chase, driven by strong creativity.


The Abyss generally has a maximum of two complications that are consistently useful in daily life, in this instance a large date and a power reserve. © Hysek

In 2016, Hysek is closing the chapter of this first decade. The Abyss collection has matured and a last 10th anniversary model will be unveiled at Baselworld. The first sketches glimpsed at the Manufacture headquarters at Lussy-sur-Morges provide a hint of a sportier, sharper model. The Abyss should now be able to venture into unexpected creative paths that will not undermine a set of fundamentals that are now firmly established. The coming decade looks set to be one in which the Abyss fulfils its considerable potential.

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